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Drinkies Healthy Infused Water for Dogs - Woof & Brew 

Drinkies Healthy Infused Water for Dogs - Woof & Brew £ 1.99 In stock

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‘Drinkies healthy infused water' for dogs has been created for you to take with you when you’re out & about with your dog - or even a nice treat for at home. It's lightly infused with 100% natural herbs, including devils claw, rose petals and seaweed. It's the perfect pooch refreshment that also helps to keep your dog in tip-top condition. 

Water is a very important part of your dog’s daily requirements and overall nutrition. It’s the main component of healthy, living cells and helps to carry and move important nutrients around the body. Every important body function requires water. Panting and salivation, often experienced by dogs after walking in the woods, playing fetch, agility activities, chasing other dogs and general doggy play, cause a loss of water and they need to rehydrate.
‘Drinkies’ offers more than just refreshment & rehydration. The light infusion of herbs provides added benefits, helping to aid digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It also provides calming properties and helps to support immune systems.

Perfect to take out and about with your dog
100% natural herbs
Has calming properties and helpls to support immune systems

Approximate Volume: 330ml

Ingredients: Water - lightly infused with rose petals, lavender, devils claw, orange flowers, skullcap, astragalus, lime flower, kelp, citric acid, preservatives (potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate)

Feeding Guidelines: ‘Drinkies’ is ready to serve, but can be diluted to your dogs preferred taste. Once opened, use within 2 days. Please ensure alternative fresh drinking water is available when this product is first introduced. Dilute to taste as your dog prefers.

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