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Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil - Lucy Bee 

Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil - Lucy Bee £ 6.50 In stock

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Coconut oil is fastly becoming popular in the dog world. Great for dogs with sensitivities as well as an alternative flea repellent. Apply to fur sparingly to deter fleas or feed a small amount daily to help with sensitivities.

Lucy Bee's natural, unrefined coconut oil is raw and unprocessed with a mild coconut aroma. It is a pure coconut oil with no additives, completely unadulterated and is not mixed or blended with oils from other countries. The oil is extracted from organic coconuts and then cold pressed to maximize its nutritional value. It's then imported from the Philippines from a single estate and bottled in recyclable glass in a BRC Grade A bottling plant in England. The oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides and lauric acid, free from all additives and preservatives and a natural substitute for processed oils and butter for anyone conscious about their health.

100% organic & raw
100% fair trade
Gluten free

Approximate Volume: 300ml

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