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Food Scoop - Beco Pets 

Food Scoop - Beco Pets £ 3.99 In stock

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This eco-friendly food scoop is practical and durable. With a 0.5 litre/2 cup capacity the BecoScoop is designed to measure dried dog or cat food accurately, ensuring your pet is not over fed. All Beco products are made from unique plant fibre material. It is this material that makes these eco-friendly pet products that little bit special. Beco products are made from waste bamboo and rice husk, making them not only sustainable but also biodegradable when finished with. Left in the home, the products will last for years, but once disposed of in the ground, or even in a compost heap, they will slowly break down naturally.

Strong and durable
Comes in a variety of colours

Approximate Capacity: 0.5L

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