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Grainless Herb 'n' Veg Drops - Naturals 

Grainless Herb 'n' Veg Drops - Naturals £ 2.49 In stock

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Could these be the healthiest treat drops for your pet? They are made from beneficial vegetables, herbs and seeds and 100% grain/cereal-free. They are not made using any added sugar, glue, honey, gelatine or dairy products. By leaving out starchy grains it means there are more delicious herbs, vegetables and nutritious seeds. Contains a mix of 4 great flavours - dandelion, beetroot, carrot, and mixed herbs.

100% natural, tasty goodness in perfect, treat sized portions
Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus
Four tasty flavours
Grain free

Approximate Weight: 140g

Ingredients: Pea flour, carrots, vegetable starch, parsley, dandelion, beetroot, ribwort, timothy grass, nettle, cocksfoot, smooth stalk meadow grass, oat herb, red clover, meadow fesuce, ladies mantel.

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