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Grooming Towel - Easidri 

Grooming Towel - Easidri £ 11.99 In stock

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Easidri is the ideal product for all pet and horse owners. Due to its super absorbency, it will remove dirt and soak up excess moisture from your pet's coat, leaving it clean and dry enough for the car or home. It is simple to keep clean, just rinse and wring out and it will dry in minutes. It is also machine washable. Easidri is great for horses too - used damp it is ideal for drying those difficult places such as the face and legs. Another great use is a saddle cloth as it is comfortable for the horse to wear and absorbs the sweat, keeping the horse fresh and dry. It is tough and durable - resists tearing and shredding and has hundreds of household uses too. 

Reduces grooming time by up to 60%
Re-usable and machine washable
Can be disinfected for extra protection and to eliminate odours
Makes drying hard-to-reach places easy
Comes in a handy plastic storage case
Bio-degradable and super absorbent

Approximate Dimensions: 43cm x 32cm

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