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Hot Pink Reflective Collar - Red Dingo 

Hot Pink Reflective Collar - Red Dingo £ 7.55 In stock

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The Red Dingo reflective collar is essential for cats that like to stay out late as it features light reflecting designs to ensure they are safe near roads. As the reflective design runs the entire length of the collars, they can be seen from any angle, unlike blinking collar lights which are only visible from the front. The reflective material is as light as a normal collar and does not require any batteries or bulky attachments.

These tough yet comfortable collars are made from nylon and are stitched to a very high standard. There’s no boring buckle with the Red Dingo collars either as the cat collar has a fashionable fish motif with bell made from durable acetal plastic and they look like normal collars during the day. The fish clip acts as a safety device as it releases under a 2kg/4lb load should the cat become caught.

One size only
They look like normal collars during the day
Fish motif with bell
Great quality
Reflective design
ID tags also available

Approximate Dimensions: 12mm x 20-32cm (8"-13")

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