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ORKA Small Jack with Rope - Petstages 

ORKA Small Jack with Rope - Petstages £ 4.99 In stock

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Designed to enhance strength and dental benefits, Petstages ORKA chew toys appeal to power chewers. They provide your dog with an appropriate chew toy whilst also helping to reduce boredom and destructive behaviour. Now reinforced with inner ribs and raised diamond textures, these toys stand up to tough chewing whilst keeping dogs interested and satisfied.

Provides hours of chewing pleasure and play
Chewy feel satisfies your dog's desire to chew
Rope is great to chew, toss and carry
Durable material great for power chewers
Fun shape can be carried and tossed
Multiple textures massage gums and keep dogs interested
Helps to clean teeth, soothe tender gums and freshen breath

Approximate Dimensions: L9cm

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