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There’s nothing we love more than taking photos of our furry friends. After all, that’s how the whole concept of WildPaws began...

If you haven't already read about our story then you can do so here.


Are you interested in having your pet event or product professionally photography? Perhaps you're just looking to have some photos taken of your furry friend? Whatever you need - we can help!

Why choose us?


*We are big animal lovers so we know how overwhelming new situations can be to our pets. We will always make sure your pet feels safe and happy - no matter how long it takes.

*We work with only the best and up to date equipment. We use a Canon 700D and Canon 1100D and edit on Adobe Photoshop. We also have various backdrops, lighting and other equipment so whether you would prefer a naturalistic outdoor photo or a portrait style - we can do both.

*We have both been awarded distinctions from the Shaw Academy in our Diplomas in Photography and have worked on varying jobs as event photographers.


*We specialise in pet photography and are able to turn your pet photographs into canvas prints, greetings cards, prints and much, much, more!

*We love to take photos and continuously try to improve our skills with more challenging tasks. Check out our Gallery page to see our portfolio of photographs.


We recognise that every job is different so we offer bespoke packages starting from the amazing price of just £75. Simply contact us via email at and tell us what you’d like for an instant quote!

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