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Popcorn for Dogs - Billy + Margot 

Popcorn for Dogs - Billy + Margot £ 1.99 In stock

In Stock in stock


Not all popcorn is the same so it is important to understand the difference. The majority of ‘human’ popcorn found on the market is popped in oil and it is often seasoned with butter, salt or sugar. Therefore it would not make a good treat for your dog!

This Popcorn by Billy + Margot is air popped making it a healthier alternative which is lower in fat and in calories. It also has a longer shelf-life.

Popcorn contains fiber and is 100% whole grain. It is also gluten free. Plain popped corn makes a healthy treat for your dog.

Air popped
Healthy treat, low in fat and calories
Now your pup can enjoy popcorn whilst snuggling up with your favourite movie!

Approximate Weight: 20g

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