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7 Tips to Find the Best Online Pet Meds Store for Your Pet

All pet parents want their pets to be well and safe from harm at all times. We love them like they are our kids because, in a way, they are.  They are a part of our family so why wouldn't we want to do everything possible to make sure they are safe and are always feeling their best?

Many pet parents are also very busy people and tend to turn to online pet pharmacies to obtain their pet's medication and supplements. If you would like to take advantage of ordering your pets medication and supplements online and getting them delivered straight to your door so you no longer have to visit a physical pet store or vet, keep these seven tips in mind for finding the best online pet meds store. Your pet will thank you for keeping them well and safe at all times. 

1) Check the Website for a Vipps Certified Banner

When doing research on pet pharmacies, you will want to make sure it has the Vipps Certified Banner on it. Once you see this banner, you automatically know they are a good pharmacy to help your pet feel better and stay strong and healthy. As long as you see the Vipps certification banner on their website, this automatically tells you this online pet pharmacy is safe and effective for your furry members of the family. 

2) Check the Better Business Bureau for their Reputation

Although this is sort of old school for many modern pet parents, it is very important to check the Better Business Burea or the BBB. You can find out what grade the online pet pharmacist is before jumping the gun.

If the online pet pharmacy has an A+ rating, they are a reputable pet pharmacy to use for your pet's well-being and safety. However, if there are more than a few negative reviews on the pet pharmacy, you will want to move on to the next one to check out.

3) Read Personal Reviews From Customers Online

Reading personal reviews by other online pet pharmacy customers is always a good idea. They never hold anything back and will always tell the truth about the online pet pharmacies they use. This is a great way to learn about the best online pet meds store for your pet's medication. After all, you wouldn't want to go to one with zero or negative reviews, right? Check out sites like Google, Yelp, and others that will have these real reviews on them. 

4) Make Sure the Company is in Your Country

You will want to ensure the online pet meds company is located within the United States if you're American because the pet medication will be FDA approved. You can find out where the location of the online pet pharmacy is by checking their About section or clicking on their Contact form where their address should be found. 

The other reason why you don't want a foreign online pet pharmacy is that they usually use illegal means to ship these pet meds out. You should also try to find their phone number on their Contact page in case you need to call them about medication.

5) Make Sure The Online Pharmacy is Certified by the Board of PharmacY

The legitimate online pet pharmacies will be certified by the Board of Pharmacy in the state they are located in. To determine whether or not the pharmacy you are trying out is certified by the Board of Pharmacy, enter their website URL into the website, search box. Once you do this, the status of the pharmacy will come up letting you know that they are indeed certified. If you can't find the website in, they are not certified so move on to another one. It's worth nothing though, that if you see the seal of approval on the online pet pharmacy's website, this is also proof that they are a legitimate pharmacy and you can go ahead and use them to order your pet's medication. 

6)Make Sure the Online Pet Pharmacy Has Pharmacists as Employees

Although this should be obvious, it is worth mentioning anyway. You definitely want to ensure that the online pet pharmacy you plan to use has pharmacists on staff. This way, if you have any important and serious questions about your pet's illness or medication, they are available to answer them factually for you. 

7) Make Sure They Require a Prescription for Your Pet

Any legitimate online pet pharmacy should always ask for a prescription for the medications you need for your pet. If they don't, reject and move on to another one. The reason for this is because scammers or illegal online pet pharmacies won't require a prescription. This is one sure-fire way to make sure the place you order your pet's medication from is a good one. 

All seven of these tips are not hard to go by. Although you don't have to use all of them, it will be in your best interest as well as your pet's if you did to make sure the online pet pharmacy is a good, legitimate one that you can rely on. 

We hope this helps you to find the right online pet pharmacy for you...

Keep them safe & healthy!

Guest Blogger - Roger Dutta

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