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Wilbur & Paisley's Wellybix Fix

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Hi everyone, it’s been a while! As some of you may know, I’ve been keeping very busy with my new little sister, Paisley. She’s four months old and a little minx…but we’re not here to talk about her! No, instead we’re here to tell you about the amazing treats that we’ve been taste testing!

Paisley and I were over the moon when we were given the opportunity to review some tasty treats from Wellybix, a handmade dog treat company run by the lovely Alison and her chief taste tester and fellow Jack Russell, Welly.

Paisley couldn't wait to get stuck in!

The treats are all freshly made using home-grown herbs and do not contain any artificial preservatives, colours or added salt or sugar. They come in a variety of delectable flavours, of which we were lucky enough to try two: Beef and Carrot.

We were wagging our tails with excitement and if the packaging and presentation were anything to go by then we were in for a treat! They were beautifully presented in resealable brown paper bags with colourful card stating all the ingredients on one side and the Wellybix logo on the other.

Paisley waiting patiently.

Paisley was very excited to learn that she was allowed some too as there are not a lot of treats out there for younger puppies. We couldn’t wait to get our paws stuck in!

Trying the carrot flavour

First up, we tried the Carrot flavour – a new addition to the Wellybix range. Packed with lots of healthy and beneficial ingredients including flaxseed and oats which aid digestion and Vitamin A & E for healthy skin. So what did we think? They were delicious! Shaped into cute little bones – they are the perfect treat as a reward or broken into pieces for training. Pups, let me tell you, they are worth doing tricks for!

They had to be broken in two for Paisley as she’s only a pup and she’s already gained a name for herself for being greedy and swallowing things whole! However, for the first time in her life – Paisley was actually using her teeth and crunching something! These biscuits are perfect for teething puppies or pups who are just learning to use their milk teeth. Paisley has been crunching her food a lot more since she has been eating them which is great news!

Next up, we tried the Beef flavour. They smelled so good (even mum said so!) and they were just as tasty. In fact, both flavours were so good that we took them out and about with us on walks and to cafes and pubs. Whilst mum and dad enjoyed a coffee and a cake, we munched on our Wellybix. This is especially impressive for me, as I am not a big fan of eating treats away from home – I’m more interested in the different smells, scouting out doggies and trying to get fuss! Paisley, on the other paw, is much more interested in filling her belly…   

So what did we think? We can’t wait to get our next Wellybix fix! In fact, we like them so much that we have insisted on stocking them at WildPaws and are already in the process of doing so…keep your eyes peeled for them in our shop!

Pups, they are definitely worth a try and with seven amazing flavours to choose from and Bake-a-Bone sets with all the dry ingredients to make your own homemade treats…you’ll be spoilt for choice! What’s more, even though they contain no artificial preservatives, they last a long time…but with treats this good, they won’t be around for long!

Our verdict? We have to award Wellybix:

Would you like Wilbur and Paisley to review your product? Get in touch at info@wildpaws.

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