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All Work and No Play...

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

All work and no play makes Wilbur a bored doggy...I'm pretty sure that's how the saying goes, isn't it? Well, if it isn't then it should be! Mum and dad have been keeping us very busy working at market stalls and boxing up orders...but we've also had lots of time for sun, walkies and swimming. The beginning of July was a particularly busy month (and a hot one too!)...

We had a market stall at the beginning of the month and mum and dad wanted to get some equipment for it so they had a look at Ultimate Outdoors, a nearby shop that had recently opened. It just so happened that they allowed dogs so we went with them to help pick out supplies! The shop was super doggy friendly with a bowl of water and even food at the entrance. Paisley had to be dragged away from the food bowl, once she'd got the taste for it...! They even had an indoor cafe that allowed dogs and, get this, if you bring your dog with you then you get a 15% discount! Apparently, the boss of the chain is a big dog fan (well, who isn't?!) and wants to encourage dogs and their owners into the store. Mum and dad were very pleased with the service and said that we would definitely be back!

The next day, we went on on our way to Gloucestershire. It's a tradition in the Lamb family to go to the annual Fairford airshow and this year was no exception. I went last year and loved every minute of it! I've never really been bothered about loud noises and we don't actually go into the airshow but to a nearby campsite so the noise wasn't really an issue anyway. Our grandparents always stay and camp for the whole weekend but we were unable to so we just travelled down for the day. 

We met our grandparents at the campsite and had some lunch before walking into Fairford. We stopped off at The Bull Hotel, where we had gone the year before. Paisley and I had a treat or two so we were happy!

After watching some planes from the pub garden, we decided to walk on and we came across a little brook. I wanted to jump in and have a cool down! Paisley, on the other hand, was very scared of the bridge and was clinging on to mum!

On the way back to the campsite, we stopped off at The Railway Inn. It was also very doggy friendly and we were even given some biscuits to munch on! We had a quick snooze before we had to leave, after all we had a long journey and another long day ahead of us. 

After a busy weekend of work (and watching the Euros final!), mum and dad decided to take a break and have a day off. They had been dying to go and see The Secret Life of Pets so they decided to go out for dinner and a movie. Unfortunately, we're not allowed in the cinema so we were left behind! Ironic really, considering the film is about pets and their owners leaving them at home. Anyway, mum and dad loved it! Mum said Max, the main character, really reminded her of me and she gave us both lots of kissies when she came through the door. Dad did too, though he wouldn't like me saying so! We forgave them for leaving us though, as rumour had it we were seeing Uncle Andy the next day...

Uncle Andy lives down in London so every now and then we meet him halfway either for fun or for some work related reason. This time, we decided to meet in Kettering in a country pub called Samuel Pepys. We were very excited to see Uncle Andy as he's always loads of fun!

We had a lovely meal and got lots of fuss and treats! Dad and Uncle Andy talked work whilst we sat with mum and snuggled her. We were very tired by the time we got in the car...

The next day was a very special day in the Lamb household! It was our resident bunny, Lily's 4th birthday! Of course, she was spoilt rotten with bananas, treats and new toys. Her favourite was a vegetable patch game where you hide treats under some seagrass carrots. Paisley may have had a go, once or twice too...

Well that's it for now! Thanks for reading all about our busy week. We've got some awesome new products to review so we'll be back here very soon with our verdict...

Until then,

Love, nose licks & waggy tails,

Wilbur & Paisley x

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