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Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Well no, not exactly..! But we did go to Scarborough and we’re here to tell you all about it…

Our grandparents had been planning a trip away with mum and dad for a long time and, when they invited us along, we jumped at the chance! Grandparents? Endless fun, fuss and attention? What’s not to love?! We counted down the days and then the weekend finally arrived…

After a few hours in the car, we arrived at Primrose Valley and were over the moon to see our grandparents! We unpacked our bags and then headed off for some dinner at a nearby pub called the John Paul Jones. The food was delicious – well, so we were told! Though Paisley did find some food on the floor whilst I had fun meeting some fellow doggies! On the drive back to the camp site, we stopped off for a quick drink at the White Swan, which had a lovely and friendly atmosphere. We were all shattered after a day of travelling so we decided to head to bed early and refresh ready for a busy day ahead of us.

In the morning, we awoke to the smell of Full English being cooked. Grandma had made the works – and even saved us some sausage and bacon! The plans for the day were to go to Scarborough. Unfortunately, the famous fair was cancelled this year so we were going to have to make do with a stroll down the beachfront and around the town. This wasn’t a problem for us as we came across a Food Fair with lots of great stalls! One of them was Happy Hounds Biscuits who were selling a wide range of delicious handmade biscuits. Mum couldn’t resist our puppy dog eyes so she picked the Cheese & Spinach ones for us. After a lovely walk around the town, we headed to the North Riding Brew Pub for a drink and to try out our biscuits. We loved them! We then made our way back to Filey for dinner at the Bonhommes Bar.

The food was lovely (mum sneaked us some when dad wasn’t looking!), the atmosphere was great and the service was amazing! Paisley and I fell asleep under the table whilst grandma joined in on a game of “Play Your Cards Right!” She did very well – even if she didn’t manage to win us some treat money!

With that, we retreated to the caravan to settle down for the evening. Paisley and I got ready for bed…and made ourselves quite comfortable!

We awoke to the sun shining and a clear blue sky. It was the perfect weather for a day trip to Whitby! When we arrived, the port was bustling! It seemed everyone was making the most of the nice weather while it lasted.

We walked around the seaside town, had a browse through a market, met some doggies and then stopped for some fish and chips. Daddy must have been on a holiday high as he allowed mummy to give us a little taste…and boy were they yummy! Some seagulls obviously fancied a taste too as we caught a flock knocking some chips out of some poor person’s hands…on more than one occasion! Paisley was just upset that she didn’t get there first!

After a lovely walk around the seafront, we stopped off for a quick drink at the Pier Inn and then headed home. It was our last day so we were having an early evening as we had a long drive back.

Living in the middle of England means that there’s no nearby beach for us to visit so Paisley has never been. As our camp site was right on the beach, we thought it would be mad not to go for a run and a swim! So we packed our bags and headed off to the beach. It was only a short walk down and there was space to run for miles! I was desperate for mum to throw my ball in the water whereas Paisley was a bit more apprehensive. She ran in but then got scared and would only chase me on the sand!

After lots of running and swimming, it was time to say goodbye to Yorkshire and head off home. We had a great time and would love to go back to discover more!

We’ve got lots more adventures lined up so keep a lookout for our next update!

Until then…

Nose licks & waggy tails,

Wilbur & Paisley


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