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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Christmas is coming! There's just two weekends left until the big day and one week left of last-minute shopping in store and panic buying online. If you're still waiting to get your pet's presents then don't worry, we've made it easy for you! We've compiled the best gifts for dogs this Christmas and jam-packed them all into our Christmas Gift Guide below. We've got everything from stocking fillers to toys to Christmas dinners.

So what are you waiting for?! Read on...


Toys, Treats and Stocking Fillers

Green & Wild's Santa Sack

Has your pup been nice this year? If they have then Santa Paws may just leave them a whole sack of goodies by the fireplace on Christmas morning...

Green & Wild's Santa Sack

Sniff out the goodies inside which include tasty tiddlers, chicken and liver luv hearts, a toy and much more! All natural, healthy ingredients and the toy is even eco-friendly.

The Santa Sack will have them jumping for joy on Christmas morning as they munch on the tasty treats inside and have a play with the adorable Christmas tree toy - whimsically named Bruce the Spruce and it's also available to buy separately.

This toy is loads of fun for both you and your pup! The handle makes it perfect for a Christmas game of tug - great for bonding. After all, Christmas is all about spending quality time with our family and friends. It's made from sustainable jute and covered in a soft suede and is deceptively robust so you can chill out and let them enjoy their play time without worrying...

So pups, remember to be nice from now until the big day. Santa may just leave you one of his sacks...if you're lucky! We bet you can't wait to get your paws stuck in...

Green & Wild's Santa Sack


These superfood dog chews make the perfect stocking filler and are bound to get those tails wagging come Christmas morning. This newly launched business is named after one of the co-founder's dogs and he's involved in every part of the business from packaging to modelling to advertising - he's one very busy spaniel! You can even follow his story on Instagram.

For their first Christmas, Denzel has stuffed his suitcase with one of each of his tasty chews for your pup to try - plus he's even popped a Christmas card in. To make it extra easy for you, he's also added a Christmas label so all you have to do is pop their name on it and put it straight under the tree!

Denzel's Christmas Gift Box

The Christmas Gift Box contains three packs of their different flavoured chews - each with their own health benefit. Pick between the superfood one made using banana, berries and salmon - perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning. Or you could always go for the nut butter - well it is made with turkey!

Get those tongues out forTongue Out Tuesday on Christmas Day by treating them to these delicious new super chews...

JR Pet Products Christmas Goody Bags

All of the usual natural goodness you'd expect from JR Pet Products packed into a Christmas goody bag! As always, they are all grain and gluten free and contain no additives or preservatives - just pure meaty goodness.

Paisley Turkey Christmas JR Pet Products
I don't have to wait until Christmas Day, do I?!

You can choose between the original Pure Sticks or their newer Training Treats or even a mix of both...all in festive flavours, of course. Personally, we'd opt for a mix of both! The Sticks are great for sitting down and relaxing with a chew at the pub on Christmas Eve and the Training Treats are, well, great for training...

Packed in a resealable bag, these bite-sized pieces are the ideal treat to get them showing off their repertoire of tricks to all the family this Christmas...

JR Pet Products Christmas Goody Bag

Whichever flavour gets your pup's tail wagging, these Goody Bags are definitely the perfect gift for under the tree this Christmas...

Turkey Pate from JR Pet Products Christmas

Oh, and don't forget the turkey! Their delicious Pure Turkey Pâté is great as a treat or as the main event. You can use it in your LickiMat, which also makes a great gift if you haven't already got one. Read our recent blog all about its uses with the pâté and much more here.

Turkey Pate on LickiMat

That's your stocking sorted, now you've just got to wait until the big day...

Christmas JR Pet Products
Wake me up when it's Christmas...

The Dog House

Welcome to the dog house - where you get rewarded not punished! Created with legendary chef Michel Roux, these special treats are bound to get those tails wagging.

The Random Rewards...well, they do what they say on the tin! This pocket-sized pack is filled with a unique mix of training treats formulated by expert dog trainers and made using recipes crafted by Michel Roux. There are lots of flavours to enjoy from Ostrich with Cherry to Salmon with Trout and Venison with Blueberry. You won't have to call them back twice at the park with treats like these. Although, if you have two dogs like us, they may fight to get back first...

Random Rewards The Dog House

After the turkey dinner has settled and you've had your frosty afternoon walk, your pups will be desperate to go bed with these Bedtime Biscuits...

Packed with sweet potato, peas and seaweed, these Bedtime Biscuits are not only delicious but nutritious too! They contain flaxseed, camomile and pumpkin seed which is perfect for calming and enjoying a good night's sleep. There's no artificial colourants or preservatives in them and they are made without wheat or gluten so they're perfect for sensitive tummies as well as being irresistibly tasty! Bet you never thought they'd be wanting to go to bed on Christmas Eve...

Dog House Bedtime Biscuits

Petface Christmas Pea

What's the way to a Jack Russell's heart? Squeaky toys! We're sure the same can be said for many of your dogs too. In this house, if anything has a squeak in it then it's a paws up so when this squeaky package arrived we had to stop the post man from being ambushed...

Paisley loves squeaky latex toys as she can easily pick them up and squish them with her nose - plus anything ball-shaped is always a bonus! We had lots of fun testing these out and, surprisingly, after a LOT of playtime, they were still in one squeaky piece - which is unusual for two destructive terriers. These adorably festive toys come in a wide range of faces including a Christmas pea, snowman and reindeer.

Reindeer Petface
Mummy, Santa left one of his reindeer behind...

If your dog is more of the plush kind of pup, like Wilbur, then don't worry as Petface also do this adorable soft toy reindeer. Made from cord, this sweet-faced toy is the perfect snuggle buddy for cosying up with on cold wintry nights...

Reindeer Petface
Can we keep him?


Named after owner, Jill's, two dogs - this lovely company was founded after her time living in Africa where she struggled to find treats for them. All of the Kelso and Titch products from their popcorn to their jerky are made with high quality natural ingredients - and their Christmas range is no different!

Kelso & Titch

Our package arrived beautifully wrapped and topped with this gorgeous sticker of the pups which just added to the enjoyment of unwrapping it. We couldn't wait to see all of the Christmas goodies inside...

Q: What did the dog say to Santa? A: Woof!

Cheesy Christmas cracker jokes, what would Christmas be without them? Your dog no longer has to feel left out with these adorable crackers filled with crunchy biscuits in a flavour of your choice...

Christmas Crackers Kelso and Titch

Grab one end and let them have a fun game of tug to reveal their tasty prize. Don't worry, there's no bang - just tasty treats inside! Your pup can join in with the fun without any of the cheese - unless of course you choose the Cheese and Biscuit flavour...

Christmas Cracker for Dogs from Kelso and Titch

Talking of cheese and biscuits, who doesn't love a cracker or two topped with creamy stilton, cheddar or brie at Christmas? Well, don't forget about your pups too! This gorgeously wrapped Christmas Gift Box comes in five delicious festive flavours. We opted for the Cheese and Biscuits flavour made with oatmeal and Scottish Cheddar Cheese. They smell delicious - so good, in fact, that Paisley may have snuck a cheeky one when our backs were turned...

Cheese and Biscuits from Kelso and Titch

Now on to the game... No, not board games but delicious game flavoured Christmas Sausages! They are special Christmas edition and made using only duck, venison and sweet potato so they're perfect for the most sensitive of tummies. Beautifully presented in a festive box and ready to go under the tree, these make the perfect gift for any pup this Christmas...

Kelso and Titch Christmas Sausages


Christmas Eve Box


Harley Bear's Christmas Eve Box

What's Christmas without chocolate? We all know that it's no good for our pups, but don't fear! They can now enjoy their very own treats this Christmas with all of the chocolatey taste and none of the toxic nastiness thanks to Harley Bear's Coco Bites! They've got everything from gorgeous selection boxes to chocolate coins and even Reindeer Poop (made from tasty carob, of course - although if your pups are anything like ours then they'd probably like the real thing too).

You may recognise the name, that's because they were our first ever 'Support Small' feature. They make organic coconut oil treats - great for pups with sensitivities. You can read more of the amazing benefits of coconut oil and all about their treats here.

Since launching their business, they have expanded their range to include minty bites, mouthwatering fruit coins, a spooktacular Hallowen limited edition range and of course, a Christmas one!

Harley Bear's Christmas Eve Box

Wilbur & Paisley were kindly sent a Christmas Eve box to try out...and they were excited to learn that they didn't have to wait another two weeks to try it! This gorgeous little box is the perfect treat for Christmas Eve, filled with mini hearts, a peanut butter mouse, coconut paws and a squeaky Christmas ball - perfect!

All presented beautifully in a box with Christmas tags and all the (jingle) bells on, this gorgeous little gift set is the perfect early Christmas treat. Even if they still have to wait for the big day (well, almost)...

Harley Bear's Christmas Eve Box

So settle down on the sofa, put your feet (and paws) up and snuggle up to a festive movie this Christmas Eve with your Harley Bear's Box - just maybe save the squeaky toy for afterwards!

Harley Bear's Coco Bites
You get out the movie and hot chocolate and I'll get out the Harley Bear's...


And now for the main event.... Christmas Dinner

Naturo Christmas Dinner

Everyone's favourite part of the day - Christmas Dinner! Your pups don't have to miss out on turkey and all the trimmings with this tasty Turkey Dinner from Naturo.

Just like their newly launched Chef's Selection, the turkey dinner is an all-natural wet food made with the best high quality ingredients. It's packed with turkey, potatoes, peas, carrots and cranberries, contains no colours, preservatives or flavours and it's hypoallergenic too! Wilbur couldn't wait to get stuck in...

Wilbur Christmas Turkey Dinner

Serve on its own as a wet food or as a tasty topping to their usual dry food...delicious!

With food this good, they'll be begging for their Christmas Dinner...

Is it time for our Christmas Dinner yet?!
Is it time for our Christmas Dinner yet?!

Turkey and Beef Country Hunter Frozen Food Christmas

For all of you raw feeders, Natures Menu have the perfect Christmas dinner for your pup. Choose from the traditional Turkey & Goose or opt for a nice bit of beef. Made with 80% meat and a blend of tasty vegetables including carrots, swede and peas - you really can't get any better than this.

Simply pop in the freezer ready for the big day...

Turkey & Goose Natures Menu

On Christmas morning, pour out your pup's portion into their bowl and allow to defrost - don't forget to put your own turkey in the oven too, of course!

Once defrosted, they can enjoy their turkey while you enjoy yours...


And now for something completely different...

Pure Pet Food Christmas Bundle

Are you a raw feeder and you just haven't got the space in the freezer this Christmas? Perhaps you're going away for the holidays? Or maybe you just fancy treating your pup to something special this festive season. Whatever it may be, Pure is the answer!

This revolutionary food for cats and dogs is dehydrated and freeze-dried which preserves the food whilst retaining all of that meaty texture. All made with 100% fresh human grade ingredients - simply pure food.

Treat your pup to a festive feast jam packed with turkey, sweet potato, parsnip and cranberry this Christmas. Available to buy on its own or as a Christmas Bundle which includes some of their tasty treats.

How do you prepare the food on Christmas day? It's pure and simple really! Pour the correct amount of scoops into your dog's bowl then pour in water and mix. All feeding guidelines for your pup's size plus the scoop is included!

Leave for ten minutes to rehydrate and then let them feast...

For afters (while you're digging into the Christmas pud) they can enjoy a meaty sweetie. Two flavours are included in the Christmas Bundle: Duck & Apple and Chicken. Both flavours are made with 65% meat, coconut oil, honey and organic molasses - nothing nasty here!

Pure, simple good food - what's not to love?!

Christmas Pure Pet Food
Is it here yet?!


Santa puppy, forgot to mention one little thing...

(well, a few really!)

Dog Friendly UK Calendar

For those of you who don't already know, we have scoured the UK for the best in dog friendly and compiled our very own calendar filled with recommendations, discounts PLUS a FREE doggy biscuit! The perfect gift for dogs and their owners. Buy yours here.

Fur Babies Christmas Bandana

Another one of our lovely Support Small features returns with a newly launched website! Check out the Christmas shop here and get your paws on one of these adorable bandanas. Read what we thought of this amazing small biz here.

Riamelin Christmas Pocket Mirror

You may recognise this one - that's because they were our November feature! Perfect little stocking fillers like this adorable Christmas cow pocket mirror are available to buy on the shop here. Read our review on Riamelin here.

Pawbakes Gift Set for Christmas

The pawfect Christmas gift for any pup - a doggie baking kit! In fact, it's such a great gift idea that it's completely sold out! Don't worry though, you can still get your paws on them at Ocado and least for the time being. So what are you waiting for?! Hurry, hurry before they sell out...

...Santa puppy, hurry down the chimney tonight!

Thank you to all of the lovely businesses who participated in our Gift Guide this year, and thank you to all of our readers for, well, reading... We hope you enjoyed it!

Guys, make sure to get your gifts from these wonderful companies - there's still lots of time to get your orders in. Last delivery dates for 1st Class Royal Mail is Thursday 20th. Please make sure to check with the individual business before purchasing. Oh, and when your pet opens their presents please make sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share your photos - we'd love to see your pets with their Christmas goodies! We'll be back in January to tell you all about our New Year's Resolutions, some other wonderful companies and a bit more about some of the ones featured here. Until then...

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! From the WildPaws team x ** If you'd like to work with us then get in touch at **

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