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How To Reduce Your Cat's Environmental Pawprint

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

We’re all doing our bit to help save the planet, including reducing our pets’ carbon pawprint.

As we make more eco-conscious choices for ourselves, it’s only natural that we start to question our pets’ diets. Especially since our furry friends are estimated to consume a whopping 20% of the world’s meat and fish.

Lovebug Eco-Friendly Cat Food

In contrast to dogs, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they can’t be vegan. But there are other eco-friendly choices available which can make a difference.

Lovebug Eco-Friendly Cat Food

Pet care experts Mars Petcare launched the UK’s first insect only cat food last year. Containing no traditional meat sources, LoveBug is a complete adult cat food packed full of protein rich insects, and a great eco-friendly option.

In-house vet Rory Cowlam says: “Insects produce a really nice happy medium for people. Pets love it and it is far better for the planet.”

Rory Cowlam CBBC Vet with Lovebug

The bugs in the food use up to 80% less land than beef, per kilo of protein, and are fed on surplus vegetables and fruits, reducing land use and waste.

Rory, who is known for CBBC’s ‘The Pets Factor’, adds: “The factory that they’re produced in uses completely renewable energy too, so it’s a really eco-friendly way to produce good quality lean protein that’s amazing for pets.”

Lovebug Eco-Friendly Cat Food

There are many ways pet owners can make a difference to our planet, from cutting down on buying to simply picking more sustainable choices.

Rory says: “I’ve got recycled beds that are made out of bottle caps, and collars that are handmade in the UK so there’s not air miles on them.”

Opting for a more eco-friendly cat litter also makes a significant impact on the environment.

Rory comments: “A huge amount of cat litter goes into landfill. Get one that clumps really tightly so you waste far less."

Lovebug Eco-Friendly Cat Food

Lovebug is available in 1kg fully recyclable and plastic-free bags for £12.99. Buy yours online at

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