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International Doga Day Event - Sunday 21st June 2020

Give thanks for canine companionship and unite with others against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival this Sunday.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, China has made huge changes to canine welfare by recognising dogs as pets, not food. Despite this, it is feared that the barbaric Yulin Dog Meat festival will still take place this weekend.

To take a stand against the festival, which sees thousands of dogs tortured and killed each year, dog yoga experts across the world are calling on pet owners to roll out their yoga mats and celebrate the collective joy dogs bring to our lives.

Animal lovers worldwide have recognised the integral part pets play in our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing during lockdown. So this Sunday 21st June, dog yoga experts are asking pet owners to share their appreciation for our four-legged friends by taking part in International DOGA Day.

Now in its sixth year, the dog yoga celebration and fundraiser campaign has been co-organised by Mahny Djahaguiri, UK DOGA expert and founder of DOGAMAHNY, Doga founder Suzi Teitelman and Humane Society International (HIS) UK Director Wendy Higgins. This year’s event will go virtual via Instagram and is raising funds for HIS.

Activity will start at 9am UK-time with the first DOGA session coming live from New Zealand.

Schedule for the day:

* 10am - Official event launch with pet broadcaster Anna Webb and HSI’s Wendy Higgins

* 11am - DOGA session with UK DOGA guru Mahny

* 12pm - ‘Gong bath’ meditation

* 1pm - Q&A with doggy influencer Marcel Le Corgi

* 2pm - DOGA session from France

* 6pm - DOGA session from LA

* 10.30pm - Wind down DOGA session from Miami

Meditation experts, animal lovers and rescue dogs from all over the world will be joining in on the fun throughout the day with classes, Q&As and a whole lot more! The event will run all day until midnight.

Wendy Higgins of Human Society International UK says: “Dog yoga is a wonderful example of the special bond between people and dogs. Although Yulin will tragically go ahead, the positive news is that two major cities in China have now banned dog and cat meat. There will come a time when the dog meat trade is consigned to history and it will be because people in China and globally have stood up for their canine companions.”

So say Namaste to our four-legged friends this Sunday and join in the fun at @InternationalDogaDay

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