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It's Been a Hard Day's Night...

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Summer is here and all of the market stalls, carnivals and fetes are in full swing! When we launched the business last year, we had already missed the deadlines for the summer and Christmas events. So mum made sure to book us in early this year! Our very first one was actually our local market - the Beeston Wednesday Market and Paisley and I were honoured to be asked to be WildPaws Ambassadors...

The weekly market takes place in our town square so we had to get up extra early to set up so as not to cause any disruption. We supervised everything, of course, and made sure mum and dad set up the gazebo properly! Once we were all ready, mum took us for a walk and fetched a coffee whilst dad manned the stall. 

It was very exciting for all of us - our very first market stall! Mum and dad had worked at similar events before but never for WildPaws. It really is completely different when it's your own business! Everything relies on mum and dad (and us attracting customers to the stall, of course)! 

I stood at the front greeting all the potential customers whilst Paisley sat on dad's lap and oversaw the stall. We even donned our brand new 'WildPaws Ambassador' bandanas! As you can imagine, it is very hard work running a pet shop but we do get a fair amount of treats in return! 

The day flew by and we were getting hungry - good job mum packed us a Lily's Kitchen snack bar each! Pups, let me tell you, these are absolutely perfect for working dogs! OK, we may not be working dogs in the traditional sense in that we don't hunt foxes (which, by the way, mum would kill us if we did do as she's a HUGE animal lover)...but we definitely do earn our keep working for WildPaws! I mean, how else would our parents attract anyone to the stall?!

After our snack, it was time for a nap! It's tiring work being on your paws all day, you know. In fact, we had tired ourselves out so much by greeting customers (both humans and doggies) and keeping our eyes on mum and dad -  that we pretty much slept through the rest of the market!

We had a great day and met some lovely fellow traders. We're hoping to go back again soon if the weather picks up!

Snuggling on the job

Thanks for reading all about our adventures...

We'll be back again next week with a very exciting blog all about our weekend at Dogs Unleashed.

Until then...

Love, nose licks & waggy tails,

Wilbur & Paisley 

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