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New App Deals with Dodgy Dog Dealers

When buying a pet, we’re urged to find out more about the seller. But both buyers and breeders should beware.

With pet theft on the rise due to an increase in demand for dogs and consequent soaring prices, scammers are pretending to be buyers so they can sell stock on to puppy farms, or breed them for a profit.

Johnathan Mazur-Jones Creslow Corgis

To avoid being duped, Kennel Club assured breeder Johnathan Mazur-Jones, 50, has come up with an innovative way of protecting himself and his pets. He has started using a new digital ID app to ensure the people interested in his puppies are who they say they are.

Creslow Corgis EasyID App

From the Post Office in partnership with Yoti, EasyID is quick and simple to use. Through the trusted and secure app, users can swap their verified details with another person and be confident who they are dealing with.

The free app launched in August 2021 and Johnathan, who runs Creslow Corgis with husband Piotr, has already used it on three litters. He says: “It gives us that assurance that we know who we’re inviting into our home. We have had a lot of people that enquire after puppies that won’t do it. It’s very telling.” EasyID makes it a quicker and safer experience for both parties. Johnathan, from Minehead, Somerset, says: “It’s a win for the customers, it’s a win for us, but most importantly it’s a win for our puppies.” The 5 star corgi breeder uses the convenient app across all aspects of his work, from doggy day care to pet transport service. He says: “It works on many levels for us.”

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