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As temperatures soar, it's important to make sure that our dogs stay safe and cool. We all know to keep them in the shade, limit walking to cooler times of the day and keep them off scorching hot pavements but don't forget to keep them hydrated too! Dogs can be sensitive to chlorine so treated tap water may not be the best option. Don't fear though, we've got the perfect alternative for you...

Introducing Oralade, a specially formulated hypotonic drink for dogs made using purified water. Ready to serve straight from the bottle, it's designed to quickly replenish fluids, minerals, glucose and the nutrients dogs need for optimum hydration - perfect for the current heatwave!

The hot weather is not all it can help with though - it can aid with whelping and weaning puppies, dogs in recovery and much more. The list is endless!

The team at Oralade kindly sent us a couple of packs of bottles to try out. We tested them over a period of a few months so we could really see how much help the hydration drink could bring to your dog's everyday life...

Regular readers of our blog will know that we take Wilbur & Paisley pretty much everywhere with us. Over the last few years, we've hiked Snowdon, been paddle boarding and descended caves with them, so when the team at Oralade asked us to really put their drink to the test, we knew we were up to the challenge.

First things first, what did the pups think? Now, we've tried them on health drinks and other similar things before and they've never been too fussed, so we were unsure how they'd respond to this. I'd been carrying a bottle of it in my bag for a while and the first time they tried it was when we were out for the day at a doggy market. I'd put down their normal water bottle at a table where we were sitting and had forgotten to put it back in my bag. Not realising my mistake, we left the market and took the dogs for a run around in the park on the way back to the car. By the time we buckled up, they were definitely ready for a drink! Rummaging through my bag, I discovered that I'd misplaced their water. They were already panting so before I went to find it, I tried them with some Oralade. After all, there was no better time for them to test it out...

I was genuinely surprised to see them lapping it up. They really enjoyed it and after sharing a small bowlful, they were both immediately refreshed and hydrated. Being hyperactive Jack Russells, they run around like crazy and I was pleased to see that it really did its job. It's definitely a necessity for park times...

Looking at the ingredients, it's easy to see why they love it. It's made with 100% natural chicken flavour and doesn't contain any artificial additives or preservatives which are often found to reduce palatability. The tasty flavour encourages them to readily drink when needed including when they're excited, nauseated or stressed - perfect for recovering dogs, senior pets or those with chronic problems.

It's hypoallergenic, gluten free and also contains prebiotic fibre GOS+ which supports a healthy gut. Serve it straight into your dog's bowl with no need for dilution or you can even pour it on to your pup's food to encourage them to eat - great for recovering patients or dogs who are having trouble settling. It even works as hydration support for recovery from mild dehydration caused by vomiting or diarrhoea.

Obviously in this heat, you need to ensure that your dog stays calm and cool by taking all the necessary precautions. Oralade is perfect to keep them topped up with fluid and hydrated while in the home and when out on cooler walks. What's more, you can even freeze it for a refreshing treat!

The team at Oralade were kind enough to send us an ice cube tray to test this out in. We found that the liquid freezes really well and makes a nice cooling treat on a sweltering day like today. These little ice cube snacks have definitely been a lifesaver over the last few days!

Freezing is also a great solution for when your pup hasn't quite managed to finish the bottle. Once opened, it needs to be kept refrigerated and used within 3 days. Depending on your dog's size and activity level, this may not be enough time to use it up. Don't fear though, you can freeze the liquid for reuse for up to 12 months - making for no wastage and tasty treats too. This makes freezing a perfect option, whether it's hot or not!

We've also found Oralade to be really useful when out on hikes and long walks. We often go exploring across the country with the pups so it's handy to have something with us that we know will keep them hydrated on the go.

The small 400ml bottle fits inside your rucksack without weighing it down and the handy bowl is collapsible so takes up minimal space. You can even attach it to your belt clip so you can easily get at it when needed.

Oralade is perfect for working or active dogs like ours as the unique hypotonic formula replenishes electrolytes which enhance fluid absorption and cardio output. The 2% glucose solution also provides much-needed energy for tired muscles. Perfect for when you're out on adventures...

It's also something to add to your list of essentials to keep in the car. If you holiday with your dogs or take them out regularly on day trips, then it's a very handy thing to keep in your seat side pocket.

That way you can quickly hydrate them on stop-offs...

And before you set off for home!

It's also a great item to have handy when you're stuck in heavy traffic jams - just so long as you have a passenger who can safely administer it. Plus, dare I say it, if you were to break down in this sweltering heat (or at any other time for that matter) then you know that your pups have enough fluid to keep them nice and hydrated while you're waiting for help.

It's also really handy for use on public transport. The small bottle and collapsible bowl take up barely any room in your bag and make sure that your dog stays nice and refreshed. If you've been on the London underground like us, then you'll know how much of a necessity this is - especially in temperatures like this! I struggle to cope, let alone the dogs, so this really is an essential addition to your rucksack...

Finally, we also found that Oralade is really great to have with you on a day trip to the beach! As I'm sure most of you are aware, dogs can't drink sea water. The salt in it can cause vomiting and diarrhoea and large amounts of it may even prove fatal. Taking a bottle of Oralade with you makes sure that they have a safe alternative to keep them nice and hydrated in between dips...

We've really enjoyed putting Oralade to the test over the last few months. It has totally exceeded our expectations and we can safely say that it is a must-have item for any dog owner! A tasty refreshing alternative to water that they're bound to love...

Whatever the weather, Oralade is an essential item for your pup's cupboard. So whether you're taking a swim in the sea, supping a pint in a beer garden, or enjoying a nice picnic in the park, don't forget to take your bottle with you!

It's suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes including diabetics and dogs with renal problems and there's also a version available for cats. Get yours on the online shop here.

Thank you for taking the time to read all about our experience with Oralade. We hope it has been informative and helps to keep your pups hydrated this summer!

With thanks to Oralade for inviting us to review their pawsome product. We really enjoyed all the adventures we had while putting it to the test...

We'll be back soon with another blog all about our dog-friendly trip to Cornwall!

Until then... Love, nose licks and waggy tails,

From the WildPaws team x

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