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Walking with a Winter Wilbur Lamb

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Sleigh bells ring     Are you listening? In the lane Snow is glistening A beautiful sight, We’re happy tonight Walking with a winter Wilbur Lamb!

Mum absolutely loves to sing this song at Christmas time, especially when we go to Winter Wonderland

Watching dad saw the tree

Mum and dad have been going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park every year since they’ve been together and this was my second year coming with them. Last weekend, we headed down South to stay with my grandparents as they live close to London. Grandad had been out to buy the Christmas tree when we arrived so the following day we helped to put up the decorations. There was one slight problem…the tree didn’t fit in the pot so dad and grandad had to saw the trunk down to size! Once they’d finally got it to fit, mum and dad put up the rest of the decorations whilst grandad took me for a run in Knole Park. Then we set off for London…

At Winter Wonderland

It was extremely busy everywhere but that’s London for you! Mum and dad said I was an extremely good boy on the train and tube…and I got suitably fussed by strangers. When we reached Winter Wonderland, dad got a call from Uncle Daniel saying that he and Aunty Lex had arrived. I was extremely happy to see them both, I have a real soft spot for Uncle Daniel – he’s loads of fun!

We had a walk around the stalls whilst everyone sipped on some mulled wine (well, everyone but me!) Mum bought some Christmas presents and I met some doggies on the way. We also went to a cheese and chutney stall and the nice stallholder gave me lots of fuss and a big chunk of cheese! I did have a few mad moments, trying to jump in the water to meet a plastic seal and excitedly barking at a funfair game. It was one of those games where you have to throw the ball in a net and I started barking for all the balls and the giant teddy prizes, of course!

Meeting a friend at Winter Wonderland

At a Bavarian chalet

We stopped off at a Bavarian style chalet for a beer and some mulled wine. I had a Duck and Cranberry DreamBone which was delicious! We were enjoying ourselves so much that we didn’t realise it was nearing closing time so we headed off to the station.

On the tube

We got on the packed tube and said goodbye to my Aunty and Uncle. Mum and dad decided to walk through Leicester Square to get the train home. It was very exciting being amongst

all the bright Christmas lights and stepping my paws where famous people had once stood. We got on the train and I slept the whole way home. I think it was safe to say that I was worn out, I slept for two days non-stop after that…

So it’s only 5 sleeps until Christmas! Who else can’t wait? I’ve got a very special blog planned for Christmas but until then…

Merry Christmas a Happy New Year!

Love from Wilbur x

On the train home

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