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Wilbur & Paisley at Dogs Unleashed

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Now around this time last year, we discovered the UltiMUTT doggy day out called Dogs Unleashed. It's located in the picturesque Peak District, in Bakewell (home of the Bakewell pudding - yum!) and is a weekend event dedicated to dogs! It has everything a dog could ever want, including swimming pools, lure racing, agility tracks, handmade dog treats, toys and much, much more! I was on cloud (ca)-nine when we went last year! Anyway, when we launched the business, we thought we'd try our chances at getting a stall and lo and behold we did...

We booked our stall up early on in the year so when the weekend finally arrived we were all very excited! We were yet to do a doggy event so we were looking forward to seeing what the weekend would bring for us. We drove up to the showground the day before and set up our stall ready for the Saturday. We then made our way to the hotel we were going to be staying in for the next two nights. It was located a short drive away in Hathersage and was a lovely little pub-cum-hotel called The Little John Inn. We freshened up and then had a lovely dinner in the pub - mum even let us have a taste of some of her beef burger! Then we headed off to bed for an early night, after all, we had a busy day ahead of us...

The next day, we got up early for breakfast and made our way to the showground. Mum laid out all of the products whilst dad set up the gazebo. Of course, Paisley and I checked everything over before we gave them the go ahead! 

It was 10am and the show had officially begun! Dogs and people were already piling up at the gates ready to explore. Paisley and I were there at our stall, ready to greet all the potential customers (and maybe have a play too!) We were in our element.

After a bout of hard work drumming up customers, mum took us for a walk around the showground. Boy, were there some great attractions and stalls there! We met lots of fellow doggies and were given loads of yummy freebies from Royal Canin and other stalls. We also made friends with our neighbouring stalls - Friends Of Akitas Trust who do amazing work for dogs in need of homes and Reclaim That Style who make gorgeous coats, blankets and delicious homemade coconut liver cake! (Paisley may have been given a fair few tastes of it...) 

I made friends with Sully, the next door Akita. He was just like me - an adult dog trapped in a puppy's body! We played for hours and had loads of fun. He even gave Paisley and I a lovely keepsake each to go on our collars. Paisley also made a friend in another nearby stall owner - a fellow puppy just a bit older than her. She was very playful and was working as an ambassador for Vita Canis. In fact, we may soon be stocking some of their wonderful products so watch this space...

We were having so much fun that the day flew by and it was time for us to head back to the hotel! We were already very excited for what tomorrow had in store. We had an early dinner and then conked out on the bed whilst mum finished up some work...

We got up early for breakfast the next morning and made our way to the showground. Unfortunately, it was raining a fair bit so the showground was extremely muddy! Luckily enough, mud is not going to stop us dogs and dog lovers! In fact, it seemed to be even busier for us than it was on the Saturday when it was sunny.

After setting up, Mum took Paisley around for a walk whilst I helped dad hold the fort. Paisley was more interested in food than meeting other dogs and stopped right outside Mrs Bishop's Doggy Deli! She must have recognised the smell from when we went to visit the shop. You can read all about our trip to the barkery here. Anyway, as we were in Bakewell, mum felt it was only right to get some of their delicious Cherry Barkwells (and a few other treats too). 

Once the girls got back, dad took me out to stretch my legs! There were so many dogs to meet and so many sniffs to really is the best doggy event we've been to! Mum and dad said it was lovely to meet so many people who share their love of dogs and appreciate the fact that we only sell good quality, natural products for us pets. We had lots of customers commenting on how much they loved our greetings cards too and were very happy to meet the model AKA me!

The day was quickly drawing to a close, and mum desperately wanted to let me have a dip in the paddling pool as I didn't get to have a go last year. She took me over and there were loads of dogs having a splash! I was a bit anxious to get in as I have a kind of love/hate relationship with water and so many dogs were splashing about a little bit too much for me. There were hay bales around the pool so I jumped on top of one to try and see what all the fuss was about. From there, I could see tennis balls - lots and lots of tennis balls! They were all floating on the water and I wanted them! I wanted every single one of them. I bobbed my head, as if I was bobbing apples, and tried my best to fetch each one out - one by one. This is no mean feat, let me tell you! I managed to get about 3 out without getting any part of my body wet! I think that's pretty impressive...

We were now getting into the last few hours and both Paisley and I were exhausted. We had a well deserved nap whilst mum and dad held the fort. It's extremely tiring being this cute and greeting customers, you know!

Sadly, came the end of the day and the event for this year. We were very sorry to say goodbye but we can say, without a doubt, that we'll be back again next year.

Thanks for having us Dogs Unleashed!

Look out for our next blog on Wilbur's Week

Until then...

Love, nose licks & waggy tails,

Wilbur & Paisley x

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