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Wilbur & Paisley's Weekend Break

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

We've been rushed off our paws lately so mum and dad took us away on a weekend break to the lovely little village of Long Melford...

We packed our bags and boxed up the last of the weekend's orders, before setting off on the road to Suffolk.

After getting caught in traffic and bad weather, we arrived late in the evening at The Bull Hotel. The food service had already ended but the staff were lovely enough to keep the kitchen open for us so we could fill our bellies before bed. Paisley and I revelled in some attention from other pub-goers whilst mum and dad enjoyed a nightcap. We thought we'd explore the area when we were bright and fresh-faced in the morning. 

The next day, we had breakfast in the hotel before heading off out for the day. We had a couple more orders to post (talk about taking the job with you!) so we strolled down the high street, taking in the beautiful scenery the picturesque little village had to offer.

We came across a lovely little quaint tearoom called Fanny Anne's...and they allowed dogs! Mum and dad couldn't resist going for a cream tea and of course, we got a little taste too! Mum got chatting to the owner who was lovely and had a dog himself - he gave us lots of fuss!

We carried on with our travels and found a little park where some dogs were having a play. After walking through it we found that it came out on to the Stour Valley Path so we had a lovely long stroll along the footpath. We then headed back to the hotel to fetch the car. Our next stop was the scenic medieval town of Lavenham.

On Stour Valley Path

We had a leisurely wander around the town, stopping off to admire the beautiful Grade I listed Guildhall. We also had a sneaky peek at some of the local goodies in the shops before heading off for a drink at one of the many traditional real ale pubs that Lavenham has to offer, The Cock Horse Inn

Outside the Guildhall

"Can we get something?"

Before we left, we just had to check out the local church. It is very large, considering Lavenham is such a small town. It's a beautiful building of cathedral-like proportions which reflects the amount of wealth and prosperity that was coming in to Lavenham from their wool-cloth. What's more? We were even allowed in!

We had a little peruse around the church - it was exciting because we've never been in one before. Mum and dad said it's a place of worship and to be respected so we had to make sure to be extra quiet! It had some beautifully coloured windows and even a dog bowl at the front for us to sup from! After we had a good look around, we headed back to the hotel for some dinner and to rest our tired paws...

We woke up early in the morning to a beautiful clear blue sky and a bright yellow sun beaming down on us. We had some breakfast and then checked out of the hotel.

Before setting off for home, we decided to go for a walk. Unfortunately, the nearby attraction we were planning to go to was closed so we went up to Long Melford's famous church. For the size of the town, the church is huge! Dad said that its distinctive style, along with its many original features which have survived through the 16th and 17th centuries have attracted much critical acclaim. 

We weren't able to go in so we had a leisurely walk around the cemetery... That was until mum let out a VERY loud scream before dropping Paisley's lead and running away!

Dad, Paisley and I were all confused until she revealed that she'd accidentally walked into a wasp's nest and consequently been stung on the leg. She limped all the way back to the car and with that, another trip away was over...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the beautiful church of Long Melford is now home to our travel bowl! Dog knows what else mum lost there when she ran off... But don't worry, grandma bought us a new and even better one the next day! Why? Well, that's for another post...

Until then,

Love, nose licks and waggy tails,

Wilbur & Paisley x

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