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Wilbur & Paisley's Weekend off!

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

We've been very busy working as WildPaws Ambassadors at market stalls and other events so mum and dad thought that we deserved a weekend off! At the beginning of June, we hung up our WildPaws bandanas, put away the laptops and rested our weary paws...ready for a weekend of fun!

It all kicked off with an improptu visit to Uncle Andy in Stratford-upon-Avon. He was travelling up there for a wedding and suggested us driving down to see him for the we did! We met him at his hotel and then drove to a nearby pub for dinner. The hotel receptionist recommended The Leopard Inn as it was close by, served nice food and was doggy friendly. It even had a very similar logo to ours (as you can see from the photo Paisley is posing in)! 

We had dinner (and treats) and lots of fuss from Uncle Andy! He even took us for a run around the pub garden before we set off home...

On to Saturday! For a long while now, mum and dad have been meaning to take us to Kimberley. It's only a stone's throw away from us and is known for its independent shops. There were three reasons they wanted to visit the town - the Madhatters tearoom, Mrs Bishop's Doggy Deli and The White Lion pub. We have bought treats from the doggy deli at markets and had heard good things about the tearoom and pub so we were desperate to go and check them out!

So we packed our treats and water bowl and put our leads on and set off! First of all, we stopped at the tearoom. We sat outside but mum went in to order and said the decor was lovely! Mum and dad shared a cream tea and we may have got a little taste of the was delicious! The service was great and the lovely manager even came out to say hello and gave us lots of fuss. 

Next up, was the doggy deli! Now mum has bought us lots of their treats throughought the years since we discovered them at a Christmas market a few years ago. However, we have never been to their shop! Of course, we knew we were going to love the biscuits...

It was a lovely little shop with amazing products for doggies and kitties! Lots of unique and handmade items including paintings, toys, food and treats. There was so much to choose from! Mum treated us to a pick 'n' mix bag of treats including some yummy sausages, sweet potato snaps and biscuits. Though she wouldn't let us have them all straight away...

Our last stop was The White Lion! They won the CAMRA Pub of the Year for the Nottingham area so we definitely thought it was worth a visit. There were lots of dogs about for us to play with and dad said they had a really nice choice of ales on. Of course, we were given some of our yummy new treats so we were happy! We had a nap and a sip of water and then headed on home for our dinner.

Sunday arrived and it was our last day off before we got back to the grindstone! Our other uncle had come up to visit family for the weekend. He had not yet met Paisley so we all went for a Sunday lunch at the Carpenters Arms. I have a soft spot for Uncle Daniel as he always plays with me and it was safe to say that Paisley liked him too!

After a lovely lunch, we headed off for a nice sunny walk at Rushcliffe Country Park. We had lots of fun running around and play fighting in the grass! 

It was a lovely end to a wonderful weekend off!

Having fun at the park!

We'll be back soon with another update on our latest adventures...

Until then... Nose licks and waggy tails

Wilbur & Paisley

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