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Wilbur & Paisley Support Small: April Feature

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Hi guys - we're back!

After a very eventful couple of months, we're back to work - keeping our paws (and hands) busy again. If you follow us on our social media platforms then you'll be aware of recent events and that we have relocated back to Kent - my home county. Wilbur & Paisley are loving every minute of it - exploring and finding new walks, discovering new cafés and pubs to visit and spending quality time with their grandparents. 

Today, we bring to you another 'Support Small' feature. We were so pleased to see so many positive comments after our first one (if you haven't see it already then you can read it here) and were delighted to have a number of small businesses reach out to us to feature.  

We are pleased to announce our April Feature: Fur Babies. A small family run business based in Bristol, Fur Babies creates handmade unique items which all dogs and cats can enjoy. These range from freshly baked dog treats to bandanas and bow ties.

The lovely humans behind Fur Babies (not forgetting Smithy the cat too!) were kind enough to send out a sample selection of their products for Wilbur & Paisley to review. So, once again, we'll leave this review in their capable paws...

Love Ms. WildPaws 

Hi everyone, Wilbur here! Paisley and I are so excited to be back to work. Some of you may not enjoy work as much as us, we love it! Especially when we get to try out quality, new things like this lovely selection from Fur Babies. 

As you can see, we were sent a wide array of goodies from the lovely small business and we couldn't wait to get our paws stuck in...(well, after mum had finished photographing us, of course). First up, were the handmade dog treats...

Freshly baked, these Fresh Breath Bones make the perfect daily treat or bedtime biscuit. They are bone-shaped and completely wheat-free so are great for all of you pups with sensitive tummies. They are made using oats, organic egg and fresh parsley & mint to keep bad breath at bay! If you read our latest blog then you will already know of the benefits of coconut oil, again you can read it here. These tasty treats are packed full with all of that coconut oil goodness so they're not only tasty but they've got lots of health benefits too! Human grade, full of tasty, healthy, natural ingredients and always made using British meat - nothing nasty in here! Don't know about you but we're drooling at the thought...

Paisley gave her best puppy dog eyes, as you can see, and obviously it worked as we finally got to try the mouth-watering biscuits. Yes, the answer to your question is that they do taste as good as they look. In fact, we've already demolished the whole bag! Lovely, crunchy biscuits you can really sink your teeth in to and healthy, herbs to keep our breath fresh. It's a paws up from us!

Next up, was the paracord leash. So this may not sound exciting to you but what does lead + dog equal? Yes, that's right...walkies! We were dragged along on another walk to test it out...ah, the things we do for work.

As you can see, the leash is made from paracord and is double braided. Dad said it felt strong in his hand and nice and safe attached to my harness. Paracord is perfect for leads - especially if your dog pulls - as it's strong and durable yet lightweight. The paracord that Fur Babies use takes a breaking strain of 550lbs! To put that in to persperctive, that's over 20 of me and Paisley put together! You can see why we said it was good for dogs that pull.

These can be custom ordered in a range of different colours or if you're local to Bristol, they have leashes readily available at market events. If you're not near them, then don't worry, you can order your very own custom lead on their website here. They even do paracord collars too!

So, how did it stack up? Well, when mum had finally stopped me and dad from posing, we gave it a whirl! 

The double braiding of the paracord makes the lead extra durable, meaning I was safe and secure attached by a trigger clip. I'm sure we're not alone in experiencing those flimsy, light leads that snap or are easy to escape from - resulting in our owners near having a heart attack. Well fear not, these leads are lightweight but don't let that fool you - they are extremely strong.

Another great thing about the lead is the length. This one was 102cm which was short enough for me to stay close by and practise my loose lead walking, but a little bit longer than a standard leash. This allowed me to have an extra sniff - I could reach those daffodils and water them too! There are varying sizes and also a single braid and slip leash option. Obviously, these are all handmade to order so sizes will vary a little. They even take custom orders so if you require a longer leash for training or a shorter one then just drop them a message.

Another thing we love about this wonderful company is that they are eco-friendly. We love products and companies that are conscious about the effect we have on the planet and Fur Babies are definitely one of those! Where possible, they always try to use upcycled materials including tennis balls, denim and many other bits of fabric. This neatly brings us on to our next product...

This was also the one we were most looking forward to trying. It's bright, yellow and round - and what's more, it's attached to a rope! Perfect for a game of tug with dad - or Paisley if she butts in. Made using an upcycled tennis ball, this toy is attached to some fleece making it the perfect indoor toy for those rainy days.

The braiding on the toy makes it very durable and, so far, it has withstood the Jack Russell test...(apparently we're famous for being a destructive breed!)

If you have a little sister or brother like Paisley, then it's really fun to fight over too! If not, I'm sure your owners will be more than happy to oblige...

If you're interested in purchasing one, or any of their other toys, you can do so on their website here. Once again, they are all handmade to order and you can customise them - in fact, the Fur Babies team even take toy suggestions. So get your thinking caps on...

Last, but by no means least, we were sent a beautiful bandana which (we think you'll agree) just fits Paisley to a T. The lovely white looks great against her black fur and the vibrant stars match her colourful personality. Like the tug toy, this is made from upcycled fabric - though you wouldn't be able to tell. It's lovely to see a used piece of fabric get a new lease of life. We think Paisley does it justice...!

All handmade, these bandanas just slip on your collar so they're nice and safe and you don't get those annoying flaps hanging around your neck - which Paisley, for one, hates!

Well, we think it's safe to say that the team at Fur Babies are a talented bunch. These are just some of the amazing products they make. Others include cat toys, snuffle mats, bow ties. In fact, they are continuing to grow every day. They are hoping to begin to make special occasion cakes and even dehydrated meats so if you've got a birthday coming up then you know where to go...

We hope you enjoyed reading our April feature as much as we enjoyed writing it! 

If you're a small business and interested in featuring in a future one then please do get in touch here.

We'd love to hear your comments on our April feature and if you do treat your pets to some goodies from Fur Babies then do share your photos with us and let us know what you think! It's definitely a paws up from us...

Love, nose licks & waggy tails,

From Wilbur & Paisley

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