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Wilbur's Weekend

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Christmas has to be my most favourite time of the year! It’s so much fun seeing all the family, receiving presents and visiting lots of Christmas markets. In fact, I went to my first one of the season last week…

As some of you may know, Hampstead is a village in London, known for being very popular with dog owners. My Uncle Andy lives near there and had been dying for us to visit to show us just how dog-friendly it is! So when he suggested the Hampstead Christmas Festival we jumped at the chance!

We drove down to London early Sunday morning and went for a quick visit to Nutts 4 Mutts before heading off to the market. The street was bustling with festive cheer – there was plenty to see and do. Of course, mum went looking for pet stalls straight away!

It was a lot busier than expected so eventually dad had to pick me up to avoid my paws getting trodden on! The market was full of festive fun. We looked around all the stalls, danced to the live music and played funfair games (I was joining in and trying to grab the bouncing balls!). By this point, we were all starving so we made our way to the King William IV Pub for some Sunday Dinner!

At the pub

Seeing as it was Christmas time, mum and dad ordered turkey with all the trimmings. Mum wrapped up some of her turkey and vegetables for me in a napkin for later for my dinner. I could smell it and it smelt good! But, get this…when mum turned her head, the waiter come over and took my delicious dinner and threw it in the bin! I know, right? Uncle Andy felt so bad for me that he fed me some of his dinner.

Our bellies full, we decided to retreat back to Uncle Andy’s house. We stopped off on the way for a bottle of wine…and a dog treat (turns out I was even allowed in the off-licence)!

As soon as we got through the door to Uncle Andy’s house, I decided to run off with one of his housemate’s slippers. I had lots of fun playing chase around the house until I wore myself out and went to bed!

The following morning we got up early to set off home as we had lots of WildPaws orders to post. Just our luck, we got stuck in the worst traffic of our lives! A lorry had crashed across both sides of the motorway and what should have taken us 2 hours ended up being a 5 hour journey home…(it took us 3 hours to go just 9 miles)! I even fell asleep, which is a very rare occurrence for me as I get quite anxious in the car.

When we finally cleared the traffic, we stopped for some breakfast (well, lunch really). We had planned to be home before midday but we still had more than an hour and a half to go by 2pm so we had to stop for refreshments. Luckily, mum had packed a Lily’s Kitchen Snack Bar for me so I munched on that at the services.

In case you're wondering, we managed to make the post office by the skin of our teeth...   

  It’s a busy month for me with all these Christmas events and I have another exciting weekend planned so keep your eyes peeled for my next exciting adventures…

Until then,

Nose licks and waggy tails,

Wilbur x

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