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Wilbur's Weekend Away

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Oh, hello there, long time no see! I bet you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to all this time? Well, as I’m sure some of you know, my parents set up their very own online pet shop this summer called WildPaws and I have been busy helping. It’s been non-stop work for me – modelling, promoting and, of course, quality control testing! But we finally got to take a weekend away last week so I thought I’d tell you all about it…

Eating my snack bar

We had booked a two-day stay in The Royal in Ross-on-Wye and we couldn’t wait! We had been there just before we launched the business and enjoyed it so much that we thought we would stay again. The day of the break finally arrived but we were really busy sorting out some orders of pawsonalised Christmas cards so we didn’t end up arriving until late. There were only 15 minutes left for food orders at the pub so we checked in and headed straight to the bar. Luckily, mum had come prepared with one of my Lily’s Kitchen meal bars so I munched away while they ate their dinner.

You may be wondering about my grey top? Well mum and dad bought me a ThunderShirt for Bonfire Night. I’m normally fine with fireworks but I was going to be on my own at my Uncle’s house where I’ve never been before so they bought one to keep me calm. In the end, grandma looked after me but they thought they would make use of it while I’m out and about and it really does calm me down! Anyway, we ate dinner and had an early night…

The next morning we got up for breakfast, don’t tell dad but mum snuck me a few bites of sausages and bacon when he went to make his toast! We then went into Ross-on-Wye as mum and dad had a couple of orders to post and we came across the lovely Caffe Eleganza. Mum went in to ask if we could sit outside and spotted a dog in there – turns out doggies are welcome inside!

At Caffe Eleganza

Mum and dad said their coffees were lovely and the cake was scrumptious. Me? Well, I had fun playing with a dog so I was very happy. I may have sneaked a tennis ball out of mum’s handbag when she wasn’t looking too! We headed back to the hotel, stopping off on the way for some treats and to chase squirrel

By this time, I was exhausted and slept the whole way through dinner…on dad’s foot! I was even reluctant to go down for breakfast in the morning but we had to check out. We decided to go back for a coffee at the cafe again before heading home. We had such a great time that we are already planning our next stay!

Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for my new adventures next week…

Until then,

Nose licks and waggy tails,

Wilbur x

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