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WildPaws Advent Calendar Day 12: Paisley's Favourite Things!

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Today we're not only on the 12th day of our countdown to Christmas, but we're also celebrating Paisley's birthday!

2 years ago today, Little Miss WildPaws was born. Little did she know that she would be one of the faces of our brand & much loved by many...more than just our family and friends. We're sure some of you will remember this announcement picture from the pre-Paisley days! It's mad to think there was a time when she wasn't here - she's certainly made her mark.

Seeing as it's the 12th day of our Christmas countdown and Paisley's birthday too, we thought it only right to let her choose what your special offer should be. So we've let her pick 12 of her favourite things (well, it is the 12th) to put on offer for the rest of the week. Take it away, Pais...

Hi guys, I can't believe I'm 2 today! I'm so excited to share my favourite things with you - the best of the best and you can get them all with 15% off this week. I'm sure you all know that Wilbur & I often taste test and quality control check WildPaws goodies (not sure what mum & dad would do without us!) At WildPaws, we don't stock anything that we wouldn't use ourselves - all natural, healthy treats, good quality toys & accessories. Of course, I love all the toys & treats we stock but...

**Here are a few of my favourite things... **


1). Dragon Knots by Kong - £8.99

 OK, so's actually Wilbur's (you may remember he got it for his 5th birthday this year) but everyone knows that I'm the one who wears the trousers! Puff (as we like to call him) is one of my favourite toys. Every time we've got him in stock, he's sold out right away - so you guys must like him too! Good news though, he's currently in stock and you can get him with 15% off here. He has a squeak and a hoop for you to carry him by - and a knotted body for less mess (not that we care but apparently our parents do!) He also comes in 3 colours , check him out!

2). Antlers by Green & Wilds - From £5.95

There is literally nothing I enjoy more than sitting next to mum while she works on the laptop than gnawing on an antler. They're sooo good & apparently healthy too (according to mum)! Wilbur & I often fight over them - I always win, of course. They're also very long-lasting so perfect for us chewers. You can buy yours here.

Another one of Wilbur's birthday presents ;) As the name suggests, this toy is HUGE so it's perfect for all doggies! It comes in three adorable characters (daddy picked the tiger for us) and has squeakers AND crinkle sounds! Of course, it also stretches and has less stuffing like the Dragon toy. Buy yours here

New to Kong last year, Wilbur & I loved their new Christmas range! We got this adorable reindeer in our stocking last year and it made its second Christmas appearance in our house on December 1st when we put the tree up.

A special limited edition - it's a must-have for the holiday season. Order yours here.

5). Cross Bone by Whimzees - Just 90p!

An absolute must-have if you visit as many cafes, restaurants and hotels as we do! Whimzees are a healthy alternative to rawhide (which I'm sure you're all aware is nasty stuff). It's a low fat, longer-lasting chew - available in one size so perfect for us little dogs & the bigger ones too! Dad likes them because they keep us quiet when we go for a coffee...

Being terriers, we both love anything that squeaks! We absolutely love the AirDog range by Kong and this fun football is no exception. It squeaks - what's not to love?!

7). Cozies Brights by Kong - From £4.99

One of the first Kong products mum fell in love with back in the pre-Paisley days (was there ever such a thing?!) Wilbur absolutely loved his and, after grandma & grandad bought us both new ones last year, I do too! They're the perfect toy because you can snuggle up to them like a teddy but they also have a squeaker for playtime!

They're available in 2 sizes and lots of adorable characters. Shop Cozies here.

8). Squeezz Crackle Bone by Kong - From £6.99

Another Kong range that we absolutely love. Each Kong Squeezz toy  is very durable and usually squeaky too. This crackle bone has a little twist - can you guess what it does instead?! You got it - it crackles! Loads of fun - especially if you're the kind of dog who likes plastic water bottles like we do!

We go absolutely crazy for these which is why we started stocking them! I mean, 100% pure fresh meat - what's not to love?! Well it seems you guys love them as much as we do because we're always running out.

Get your paws on them with 15% off this week here.

Another absolute must-have if you travel about as much us. We were SO excited when we saw these being launched and they didn't disappoint! A handy little snack to carry with you on long walks or car journeys. Works as a meal replacement too!

11). Red Dingo Christmas Range - Prices Vary

Mum fell in love with these designs when they were revealed. I'm sure you can see why! We've always been HUGE Red Dingo ambassadors - amazing quality and adorable designs. These collars are no different and you can choose from the festive snowflake like Wilbur wears or the Christmas reindeer like mine. Mum says they look even more gorgeous when they're on us! <3

Get 15% off the leads and collars this week.

Last, but certainly not least! These festive sport balls are the perfect stocking filler. We also got these last year and they're so much fun to get into the holiday spirit! Get your paws on them here.

 **...these are a few of my favourite things!**

Well, thanks for listening guys! I'm off to start the birthday festivities - enjoy the discounts & I hope you like these amazing products as much as me! Don't forget - it's 15% off all of the above for this week only at WildPaws. Shop now here.

Also, if you haven't already heard, we're going LIVE on Facebook at 5pm for birthday celebrations. Hope to see you there!

Until then...

Love, nose licks & waggy tails,

From the Birthday Girl X

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