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The Innocent Guinea Herb Garden Nibbles - The Innocent Pet 

The Innocent Guinea Herb Garden Nibbles - The Innocent Pet £ 2.50 In stock

In Stock in stock


We are delighted to be stocking newly launched The Innocent Rabbit! The Innocent Pet Company's first luxury treat for rabbits. These bite-sized nibbles are made from grass with banana, carrot, coriander and fenugreek. They are gently air-dried to retain their nutrients, fragrant flavour and high fibre (16%).

Gently air-dried
Healthy and tasty
Natural goodness
Made by the popular creators of The Innocent Hound

Approximate Weight: 60g

Ingredients: Grass, soya bean hulls, wheat, oats, flaked peas, banana (6%), carrot (4%), dandelion, coriander (2%), mint, cellulose, fenugreek (2%), minerals.

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