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About Us

Here at WildPaws we adore animals of all shapes and sizes and LOVE photographing them. That's why we have taken our pictures and put them on everything from greetings cards to canvas prints. We also have plenty of goodies in store for your pets including toys and treats - all of the highest quality of course! You can find all of these wonderful items plus more in our shop. We can even film your pet event too! So if you're a pet owner or just animal mad - then we're the place for you.

Meet The WildPaws Family

Nathaniel: WildPaws Pet Shop Owner and Founder


Some of Nathaniel's earliest and favourite childhood memories are of him playing with his family dog, Abby and his pet rabbit, Tibby. Ever since, he's been smitten with animals and knew they would always play a big role in his life. He has been working as a videographer and film editor for several years as well as on film sets. Naturally when the idea of WildPaws cropped up, meaning that he could combine work with his love of animals, it made perfect sense. The rest is history.

Catherine: WildPaws Pet Shop Founder and Owner


From a very young age, Catherine has had two love affairs: animals and film. Therefore, WildPaws is her dream come true! She grew up with rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and goldfish and was not seen anywhere without her camera. She took these passions on into her adult life and graduated with a 2:1 in Film and Television studies. Since then she has worked as a freelance videographer as well as working on numerous film sets. This has given her the confidence and experience to make WildPaws less of a dream and more of a reality!

Wilbur: WildPaws Pet Shop Ambassador


Wilbur is the inspiration behind WildPaws and the real boss! He's a 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier with a heart of gold and he's as mad as a hatter. He is incredibly cheeky but agonisingly cute and he knows it! You're bound to see plenty more of him!

Paisley: WildPaws Pet Shop Ambassador

Paisley is the newest addition to the WildPaws family. She is a one year old Jack Russell Terrier and is already growing into a real character! She likes to make her presence known and if there's snuggles and kisses going then she'll be there like a shot. You are sure to see much more of her too...

Miles: WildPaws Pet Shop Ambassador


Miles is our 6 year old rabbit but he likes to think he's a dog. He'll follow you anywhere especially with the promise of banana! He can even do a few tricks, all that's missing is the bark!

Lily: WildPaws Pet Shop Ambassador


Lily is our 4 year old bunny who lives with Miles and she's definitely the one who wears the trousers! She would do anything for a treat including stealing a pack and running away with it (which she has been known to do on more than one occasion)...


Guinness: WildPaws Pet Shop Ambassador


Guinness is the oldest of our pet family. He's an 8 year old goldfish and the first pet we bought together. He likes nothing more than to relax and unwind underneath his filter and goes mad for a pea or two.
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