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Are you organising a pet event or throwing a pet party? Want it filmed? Then you've come to the right place...

We can film your pet event and edit it into an advert, sizzle reel or simply a memento. No matter what you’re looking for - we can​ create it!


Our camera-dog!

Woofstock 2015


What makes us the right choice for your pet event?

*Not only are we HUGE animal lovers but we know how frightening and unnerving some situations can feel to our pets. We do not condone animal cruelty and will never put your pet in a situation where he/she will feel frightened. 

*We have a GoPro camera and harness for our pup, Wilbur, meaning you can have your very own camera-dog! This will bring a real edge and uniqueness to your filmed event. With plenty of point-of-view shots from Wilbur, your film with have a real life peek into the personal view of a dog. 

*Between us we have plenty of years of experience in the film industry including working as freelance videographers, doing varying jobs on film sets and as editors for various clients. Please go to our About Us section for more information.

*We work with a Canon 700D, a Canon 1100D and a GoPro camera. We edit on Adobe Premiere Pro and have many other pieces of equipment at our disposal, if required. 

*We specialise in pet videography and, as far as we know, are the only company to do so.

We recognise that every event is different so we offer bespoke packages starting from the outstanding price of just £350. Simply contact us via email at and tell us what you need and we will give you an instant quote!


      "In 2014 we held our first ever Woofstock UK. Knowing we would like to have film footage and photos of the day we approached WildPaws. To say we were not disappointed is an understatement. WildPaws quickly set about capturing the key moments of the day with no fuss or bother. Their footage and pictures were absolutely amazing and shows the true spirit of the event. This is why it is with great delight that they are coming to our next event on 22nd August 2015 and we can say with paw on heart that we could not have anybody better than them to share in our vision. Thanks guys you really are pawtastic!"

Woofstock UK, 2015

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