Competition Winners

We often hold competitions in the Daily Star column and online! Check here for our winners.

CO Alarm #PawsUp Winners

The answer was Carbon Monoxide.
 Winners (Alarm & Bandana):
1) Adrian Pauley, Birmingham
2) Mr A J Bartlett, Basingstoke
3) David Reeves, Warminster
4) Sarah Rees, Llanelli
5) Gillian Massey, Warrington
6) Alexis Warrington, Sheffield
7) John Jones, Leicester
8) Susan Crawley, Newmarket
9) Mrs Betty Stokes, Stockport
10) Joy Turner, Birmingham
Runners-Up (Bandana)
1) Stephen Taylor, Cardiff
2) Michelle O'Neill, Amersham
3) Carol De Brikasaan, Northumberland
4) Nigel Kent, High Wycombe
5) Paula Phillips, Pontypridd
6) Paul Stephens, Roche
7) Andrew Jones, St Helens
8) Flora Phillips, Clydebank
9) Mr Darryl Marley, South Shields
10) Simon Adams, Kings Lynn
11) Richard Tyler, Guildford
12) Kathleen Marsden, Penkridge
13) Ron Hanson, Salford
14) Claire Blakeley, Wincham
15) Patrick Handley, Feltham
16) Isabelle Chapman, Fareham
17) Ian Gosnell, Blackwood
18) June Hay, Pollok
19) Allison Sherwood, Barrow in Furness
20) Miss Deborah Lesley Lund, Castleford
21) Samantha Clyma, Fareham
22) Lauren Pilkington, Armley
23) Solange Thomas, Hammersmith
24) Jade Malin, Coventry
25) Paul Stephens, Quintrell Downs
26) Carole Nott, Bishops Stortford
27) S.Walsh, Adlington
28) Judith Bibby, Accrington
29) Dianne Parrinder, Louth
30) Claire Blaney, Walsall
31) Martin Saiz, Colchester
32) Mrs Sandra Beacham, Eastville
33) Karon Marsden, Chorley
34) Philippa Turner, Warminster
35) Brian Stabler, Beverley
36) Anne Boyes, Brentwood
37) Colin Findlay, Haltwhistle
38) Shane Weir, Mold
39) Rachel Mccraith, Elstead
40) Joanne Torrance, York

Equafleece Summer Suit Winners

The answer was Devon.
1) Chloe Mara
2) Susan Willshee
3) Jackie Jackson
4) Zoe Comley

Different Dog Hamper Winners

The answer was Crumble.
1) Phill Worboys, Herts
2) Nicola Cowdell-Murray, Cheshire
3) Jennifer Tibbett, Cleveland

Lily's Kitchen Recipe Book Winners

The answer was 16.
1) Claire Derry, Kent 
2) Joy Turner, Birmingham
3) Annette Stephens, Cornwall

Cani-Fit Book Winners

The answer was Ayrshire.
1) Laura Johnson, Surrey
2) Hilary Perry, Bristol
3) Shaun Needham, London

PawBakes Hamper Winner

The answer was Paul Hollywood.
Emma J Walters, Stoke-on-Trent

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Winners

The answer was 1991.
1) Elaine Goddard, Dorset
2) Rich Eland, Kent
3) Betty Stokes, Stockport
4) Maria Wells, Wakefield
5) Sophie Hughes, Dorset
6) Georgie Wright, Hertfordshire
7) Lesley Dodd, Lincolnshire
8) Heather Tuby, Lampeter
9) Emma Gillingham, West Sussex
10) Suzanne McCusker, Lincolnshire

Soopa £50 Voucher Winner

The answer was Chihuahua.
1) Kellyjo Walters, London

PitPat Winner

The answer was PitPat Life.
1) Barry Page, West Sussex

M's Doggy Love Brunch Winner

The answer was 2019.
1) Cassie Downling, London

Dogstival Family Pass Winners

The answer was 2019.
1) Vicky Rathbone, Wolverhampton
2) David Reeves, Warminster
3) Stella Holvey, East Yorkshire

Natural Instinct Valentine's Winners

The answer was Surrey.
1) Cassandra Downling, London
2) Darryl Marley, South Shields
3) Sandra Clarke, Stoke on Trent
4) Nicola Cowdell-Murray, Cheshire
5) Richard Tyler, Guildford

Soopa Pancake Day Winner

The answer was Shrove Tuesday.

1) Vicky Rathbone, Wolverhampton


PetsPyjamas Voucher Winner

The answer was 2012.
1) Beryl Owen, Grantham

Nina Ottosson Puzzle Winners

The answer was Russian Blue.

1) Pauline Lloyd, Kent
2) Marlene McNeill, Ayrshire
3) Betty Stokes, Stockport
4) Mo Mcloughlin, Doncaster

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