Does your pup fancy a fish supper? Well it doesn't get fresher than this...

Presenting Cobbydog's newly launched Fish Supper Cold Pressed. A complete dog food made using fish meal, sweet potato, peas and chicken oil with added TurmerAid™. 100% natural ingredients, no animal derivatives, chemical additives, artificial colours or flavourings - just pure healthy food.

All of Cobbydog's tasty recipes are made in their very own factory in West Yorkshire to ensure the utmost care and love goes into them. All of the ingredients are carefully mixed together before being pressed at a low temperature to retain all of their natural goodness and preserve the vital nutrients. This is called cold-pressing and it has all of the nutritional benefits of raw feeding with the convenience of dry. So if you're a raw feeder with an adventure pup then this would be the perfect alternative to raw for those times when you just can't get to the freezer.

Cold pressed food is nutritionally dense which means you don't need to feed as much as you would for a kibble or raw diet - saving you lots of money in the long run. Cobbydog have several flavours to choose from including chicken and fish. We were sent the fish to review - a real favourite with Wilbur who was desperate to try it...

There are lots of health benefits of fish. It's highly digestible, high in protein and rich in essential omega 3 and 6 oils for healthy joints, skin and coat. The cold-pressing of the food means that all of the natural aromas and flavours of the fish are retained so it's bound to tempt even the fussiest of pups.

This recipe also has the added benefits of TurmerAid™, which is a bespoke blend of turmeric, linseed oil, apple cider vinegar, yucca and black pepper. This amazing formula helps to promote general health and well-being as well as aiding digestion and supporting healthy joints.

As this nutritious food is all natural and grain free, it's perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies. The sweet potato and fish are great for digestion so, along with the TurmerAid™, it's perfect for those with digestive issues. Plus, it's suitable for all stages of life so weaning puppies can enjoy it as well as senior dogs.

It's as close to raw feeding as possible and suitable to feed alongside a raw diet. So if you're a raw feeder who needs a more convenient alternative, you're thinking of transitioning to raw or looking for a premium dry food to feed your pup - then Cobbydog's Fish Supper Cold Pressed is for you. It's tasty, nutritious and bound to get those tails wagging...

A huge thank you to Cobbydog for asking us to review their new food range. We hope you enjoyed reading all about their new Fish Supper and learned something about cold pressed dog food too! We'll be back soon with a review of an all natural treat company for dogs and the bunnies even have something to try!

Until then... Love, nose licks, binkies & waggy tails,

From the WildPaws team x

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