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New Year's Ablutions

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Just like us, our dogs need a bit of care, self-love and looking after to keep those teeth nice and white and that fur shiny. Most of us know that we need to take good care of their skin, teeth and coat but not all of us do. What better time to start your pup's new regime than in the New Year? If you keep only one resolution for 2019, it should be this one and we've got the perfect pet business to help you stick to it...

Doggystyle Dog Review

Humorously named Doggystyle, this company creates all natural and organic shampoos, toothpaste and balms for your pup. In fact, they initially started out as a company for humans but after their pup Macy (also a Jack Russell!) arrived on the scene, they began looking into making products for dogs instead.

On investigating what was available on the market already, they were shocked to find that the regulations for dog products were lax and items with just a tiny amount of a natural ingredient in them could be labelled as 'natural'. Noticing the gap in the mark for natural products for dogs, Doggystyle was born. You can be sure that their products are always of the highest quality, using natural and organic ingredients - not a nasty in sight!

Wipe the slate clean this year and start off with a bath using this Organic Shampoo for Filthy Dogs. Lightly scented with lavender, it's also made using peppermint essential oil which is a natural flea repellent, helping to keep those pesky fleas at bay whilst keeping even the filthiest of dogs clean!

Simply wet your dog's coat before pouring a pea-sized amount on to your hand and massaging into their fur. As you can see, this shampoo lathers up really well so a small amount goes a very long way. We're not sure if it was the shampoo scent or the fact that Mr. WildPaws was bathing him for a change....but Wilbur sure does appear to be enjoying a bath for once!

In keeping with their playful branding and business name, the shampoo Paisley tested out is called Organic Shampoo for Dirty Bitches. It has all of the same base ingredients as the other shampoo but uses aloe vera for deep cleansing instead of the peppermint oil. It's scented with chamomile and frankincense which is great for calming and soothing the skin.

Both shampoos are the perfect option for a bath after a muddy walk but if you're often on the move like us then don't worry. Doggystyle has got just the thing for you: Dry Shampoo for Stinky Fleabags!

Yes, you read that right...Dry Shampoo for dogs! What will they think of next?! It's simple to use - just as it is on your own hair. Sprinkle liberally on to your palm then rub into their fur. Wait for 15 minutes, then simply brush out! There's no need for water so it's quick, convenient and easy. You can even use it on cats too.

It also contains Diatomacious Earth which helps in the control of fleas and ticks so it really is a miracle product! As with us, dry shampoo is no substitute for bath time (sorry pups!) but it is a great way to freshen up in between them or when you're on the go. Not only is it a revolution for outdoorsy dogs but you can also use it on your pup's bedding and carpets!

As before, sprinkle liberally over the bedding and leave to settle for a few hours before vacuuming off. We were really impressed with the results, it brightened up Wilbur and Paisley's bed and left it smelling fresh and fragrant. Now all that's left to do is snuggle up on these cold January nights...

Dry Shampoo Doggystyle Blog

Talking of this cold front, making sure our pups' paws are protected is crucial - especially if we get anything like the snowfall we had last year. So the Natural Paw Balm is a must-have product...

Made using coconut oil, shea butter, bees wax and sweet almond and 'Tested on Humans' - this paw balm is all natural and perfect for keeping their paws soft and supple. Simply massage a small amount directly into their paws using your finger. As you rub it in, the balm will melt into your pup's paw leaving them nice and smooth. Not only is it great for weather-beaten paws during the winter months in the grit and snow, but it's also perfect for soothing sandy, chafed paws in the summer.

During the time when we were reviewing Doggystyle, we took the dogs out for a walk to nearby Knole Park. Sadly, the walk wasn't very enjoyable as Paisley returned home with a slight limp. We couldn't see any sign of an injury so we assumed a bit of grit must have got stuck in between her paw pads while walking on some gravel. It was the perfect time to test out the Paw Balm. We dabbed a little bit on her poorly paw and the next day her limp had completely vanished!

The Lavender & Carrot Seed scent is lovely and fresh - so much so that Wilbur & Paisley were tempted to eat it. Don't worry, if your pup tries the same as it's 'dog lick safe'. Of course, do make sure they keep some of it on their paws! At just £5 for a huge 100ml tub, the Paw Balm is an essential item to keep in your cupboard. Plus, you can re-use or recycle the aluminium jar...if you ever manage to get around to emptying it!

Lastly, but most importantly, our dogs' teeth! Just as we have our own daily dental regimes, our dogs need them too. Many of us aren't aware of how important it is to brush our dogs' teeth. Keeping them in check from day one helps to prevent pain and discomfort as well as avoiding dental treatment later in life.

Doggystyle has two flavours to choose from: traditional Peppermint and addictive Aniseed. Both come with a finger toothbrush. If your dog is new to having their teeth brushed then, first things first, get them used to the brush and the scent of the toothpaste. Allow them to sniff and lick a small amount to help them get accustomed to it. Eventually you want to be able to rub it around their teeth and gums with your finger before building up to using a toothbrush.

If you've got a puppy then the best bit of advice we can give you is to start them off with it straight away. Yes, they may have their milk teeth now but they'll be much more happy to let you brush their teeth in adult life if it's something they've always been used to. Wilbur & Paisley have had their teeth brushed since they were puppies and both of them are more than happy to let us do it.

Place a pea-sized blob on to the toothbrush and gently pull their upper lip up and brush to clean away the plaque. Repeat this around all sides of the mouth including the back teeth. Do remember though, to always be patient. If they're first timers and they've had enough then try again tomorrow and don't forget, lots and lots of positivity!

Unlike human toothpaste, Doggystyle doesn't use fluoride. Dogs cannot ingest fluoride - just as us humans can't. Unlike us, they can't spit it out so don't use your own toothpaste on them, they need their very own doggy one. The toothpastes are also vegan and contain no preservatives or bleaching agents. Both flavours have a strong, fresh scent - perfect for keeping bad breath at bay. The Peppermint is stronger for minty fresh breath whilst the Aniseed is more subtle, but a real favourite with dogs. In fact, Paisley even went back to lick the tub!

After testing out both flavours, we noticed a considerable amount of difference in Wilbur & Paisley's teeth - with a lot of plaque build-up vanishing. Again at just £5, this is a must-have item for your cupboard and you can re-use or recycle the jar too.

We hope we helped you to learn about taking care of your pup in some way as well as finding out about such a wonderful organic company. We're delighted to say that we have an exclusive Doggystyle discount code for all of you WildPaws readers. Just use the code: 'wildpaws' at the checkout for 10% off. If you try out any of these amazing products then we'd love to hear from you. You can message us here.

Thank you to the lovely people at Doggystyle for sending out these products to try. We'll be back next week with our first blog for our 'Dog Friendly UK' Calendar - all about our trip to Wales!

Until then, you can follow our adventures here. Love, nose licks, binkies & waggy tails,

From the WildPaws team x

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