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New Year, New Food

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

As 2019 gets under way, we look to start the year fresh-faced with a new outlook on life, some of us even make changes to better ourselves for the year ahead. Have you set yourself a New Year's Resolution? Perhaps it's to learn to drive, get fit or become more organised? Whatever it is, don't forget about your pet's well-being too...

Start the year anew with a healthy new food for your pup. Introducing the brand new Chef's Selection range from Naturo. Featured in our Christmas Gift Guide, this wonderful new food is perfect for a health kick this January...

Made at their family farm in County Armagh, Naturo have been creating high quality pet food for over 40 years. The meat used in their food is human grade and the team work closely with leading nutritionists so you know your pet is getting the best they can get. All ingredients are locally sourced where possible and fully traceable. Not only that, but all of their packaging (excluding the foil tray lids) is 100% recyclable too!

In September last year, they launched the Chef's Selection range for dogs. Each recipe is packed full with fresh meat, superfoods and essential oils and they're even grain free! Wilbur & Paisley were excited to be asked to try their brand new recipes out...

Wilbur Naturo Pet Food

As we peeled open each tray, we were delighted to be able to see all of the goodness packed inside. In the Chicken with Coconut, Goji Berries, Kale & Cider Vinegar, you could easily see the vibrant red from the goji berries and the natural green goodness from the kale all mixed in with the fresh chicken.

Chicken with Coconut

You could also smell the goodness from it, unlike other wet food we've encountered which has that horrible processed smell. It smelt exactly like its ingredients so you know it's fresh and natural.

Being grain free, the new range is perfect for pups with sensitivities. Plus each recipe has its own individual health benefits! The coconut in the chicken is perfect for a healthy coat and the kale is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Lamb Naturo Dog Blog

The Lamb Recipe is no different. Succulent blueberries, mixed peppers and chickpeas are all crammed into this tasty tray. It sounds good enough for us to eat...which is probably because it is! The blueberries help to protect against oxidative damage whilst the chickpeas are high in protein providing more energy for your dog.

Paisley Naturo Dog Blog

Last in the range, but by no means least, is the Turkey with Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Cranberries & Cider Vinegar. The turkey and sweet potato are highly digestible and the cranberries help to support against UTIs.

Naturo Turkey with Quinoa

The Chef's Selection range is available to purchase in two different sizes: 150g for small dogs or 400g for bigger dogs. At only £1 for a small tray or £1.70 for a big one, they're extremely affordable. Whether you feed your pup solely on wet food, every now and again as a special treat or mix it with dry - this new range is the perfect addition to your dog's mealtimes. Guidelines for complete feeding and adding to dry food are included on the packaging.

Wilbur Dog Blog Naturo Turkey

Naturo has a wide range of recipes for both cats and dogs. There are several delectable mousses for even the fussiest of felines, more food for pups in both tins and trays and puppy food for your new arrivals. Plus, there's a newly released range of treats including Liver Brownies & Biscotti - Wilbur & Paisley's favourites! The whole range is available to buy directly on their website here or you can get them in various supermarkets including Tesco and Asda.

Paisley Dog Blog Turkey Naturo

High quality natural pet food - what's not to love?! Plus, you know it's good when the bowls are licked so clean that they look like they haven't even been used...

In fact, they went down so well that we've decided to move Wilbur & Paisley over to Naturo permanently. Make the move too, we know they'll love you for it!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Naturo. If you do choose to make the move over to them or just want to treat your pup or kitty to some of their recipes then we'd love to hear what you think. You can message us here.

If you feed your pup a mixture of wet and dry food and need some recommendations for dry, then we've got just the thing coming your way so keep your eyes peeled...

Thank you to the lovely team at Naturo for sending out these tasty recipes for Wilbur & Paisley to try. They are super excited to be part of Team Naturo now!

We'll be back next week with another post all about our New Year's Resolution.

Until then, you can follow our adventures here. Love, nose licks, binkies & waggy tails,

From the WildPaws team x

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