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WildPaws Top Pick: Wilbur & Paisley Love Bedtime Biscuits

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

At WildPaws, we pride ourselves on only stocking the highest quality treats, toys and accessories for your pets. We don't stock anything that we wouldn't give to our own. In fact, most of our amazing products have been tried, tested & given the paw of approval from our pups, Wilbur & Paisley, and our bunnies, Miles & Lily.

After our hugely successful antler promotion, we wanted to showcase more of our best-loved products. That's why we've decided to give you regular discounts on our favourites. Of course, all recommended to you by our team of experts...

*Wilbur, Paisley, Miles & Lily will be selecting their top picks for you

*You'll get 20% off the chosen product for an entire week! *All tried, tested & loved by us!

Introducing our product testers...


Wilbur & Paisley have decided to start us off with one of their all-time favourite products, so we'll pass the keyboard over to them...

Hi everybody, Wilbur and Paisley here! We're sure you all know that the WildPaws team are HUGE fans of Lily's Kitchen. We love everything about them from their branding to their ethics and, of course, their tasty recipes! If you haven't heard of them then you can check them out here. Anyway, it seems only right that we start off our amazing new feature with one of Lily's Kitchen's mouth-watering treats.

Our first ever Top Pick is Lily's Kitchen's Famous Bedtime Biscuits! These delicious treats are made with probiotic yoghurt, honey, passion and chamomile flowers - the perfect bedtime treat.

These tasty oval-shaped biscuits are hand-baked using organic oats and organic rye flour so they're wheat free as well as hypoallergenic - perfect for sensitive tummies! Lily's Kitchen always use only the best ingredients for us doggies and these yummy treats are no different. They're certified organic as they are made using organic yoghurt, honey and flowers too!

The chamomile and passionflowers used in these treats have wonderful therapeutic and nutritious qualities and the probiotic yoghurt is perfect for helping with digestion. All high quality ingredients, certainly no nasties here!

We Love Bedtime Biscuits

As soon as mummy and daddy put their glasses down, mum clicks her phone screen shut and blows out the candle, we always know it's bedtime! We jump off the sofa and on to the floor circling mum as she turns the TV off. Then we rush to the back door to do our bedtime business and, once finished, we wait patiently at the door for mum to let us back in. We know that now is the time, we ALWAYS get our Bedtime Biscuits without fail! Though daddy has been known to trick us and hide them somewhere on more than one occasion. Of course, we did not find this remotely funny and were pawing at mum to ask her why she'd forgotten about us. It's one of our most favourite parts of the evening!

We never say goodnight without our Bedtime Biscuits! You shouldn't have to either... That's why we've put a whopping 20% discount on them for the entire week. Get your paws on them while you can here...

This amazing offer ends at 23.59 on Sunday 16th April 2017 so make sure to take advantage of it now...

If you want to check out more of Lily's Kitchen's amazing range then don't fear! We stock a wide array of their recipes and treats for both cats and dogs in our shop.

We'll be back with another WildPaws Top Pick soon. Until then...

Love, nose licks & waggy tails,

Wilbur & Paisley

P.S. Don't forget, always say goodnight with a Bedtime Biscuit!

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